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Title: Symbolism of Ceramics of the Bronze Age Kazakhstan
Yazar(lar) : Kurman MURATAYEV, Erlan ASEMBAYULY, Tokkoja KOJAGULOV3
Kategori : Beşeri Bilimler
Türü : Telif
Baskı : Cilt/Volume:4 Sayı/Issue:9
Sayfa : 348-353


Anahtar Kelimeler:


Clay had sacral value in traditional cultures since the ancient times. Since the ancient civilizations, this terrestrial material promoted disclosure of reformative abilities, spiritual search and creative aspirations of the mankind. Early mythological, later religious and philosophical systems refer to clay as “God's spark”. The substance was spiritualized in Tengri belief, and later in the Bible and Koran. Mentioning as “God's spark” at a certain degree acquired a sacral value of fire, by means of which the ceramics was burned. For this reason, products from ceramics, besides their purely utilitarian appointment, have a special symbolism. In this article, the symbolism of ceramics of the Bronze age Kazakhstan is searched. The Andronovo culture is in the focus. It was interpreted from the philosophical viewpoint, with the usage of the Regveda, the hymn of the Sanskrit hymns. Besides, the shapes, features, motifs and décors of the ceramics in the Andronovo period are dealt with.

Keywords :Archaeology, ceramics, Bronze age, Kazakhstan, Andronovo culture, the Regveda, décor.

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