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Title: 2017 Turkish Referendum: Did Turkey’s “better educated” vote “No”?
Yazar(lar) : Ilhama GASIMZADE
Kategori : Beşeri Bilimler
Türü : Telif
Baskı : Cilt/Volume:5 Sayı/Issue:10
Sayfa : 1-9


Anahtar Kelimeler:


On April 16, 2017, Turkey hosted a historical referendum which attracted everybody’s attention to the referendum results. The aim of the referendum was to reveal Turkish population’s opinion regarding the proposed constitutional amendments which are supposed to accelerate the shift of the country from parliamentary democracy to presidential autocracy. As the results of referendum carry historical importance, it is important to interrogate the voting behavior of Turkish people in this referendum. This paper investigates the relationship between 2017 Turkish referendum results and higher education level of population. Multiple regression model has been used to find out whether people’s education level affected their votes in the referendum. This article is the first assessment of the plebiscite results by province. According to the analysis of referendum results, significant correlation has been detected between the number of “No” votes and the percentage of higher educated citizens in the provinces. Additionally, I also found out that party affiliation of the head of municipality had a considerable effect on the referendum results of the provinces.

Keywords :Turkish referendum, higher education, voting behavior, regression analysis.

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