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Title: A Proposed Process Model for Developing a School Self-Evaluation Framework
Yazar(lar) : Elizabeth GARİRA
Kategori : Beşeri Bilimler
Türü : Telif
Baskı : Cilt/Volume:5 Sayı/Issue:10
Sayfa : 144-163


Anahtar Kelimeler:


Recently, quality of education has taken centre stage in education debates leading to the development of various instruments for its evaluation. This paper proposes a process model for developing a School Self-Evaluation (SSE) framework for use in monitoring and evaluating the quality of education in schools. We take the view that for effectiveness to be realised, schools should engage in SSE of their quality of education. Defining quality of education as fit for purpose, which applies to the entire characteristics of education (inputs, processes and outputs), we propose that it should be evaluated using relevant, consistent, practical and effective SSE frameworks. We explain that for effective SSE to take place, SSE frameworks should be in place. In elaborating the complexity of developing educational interventions, we highlight the need for a process model with procedural guidelines as a useful guide in developing SSE frameworks as an essential step towards providing a scientific base for evaluating education quality in schools. In conclusion, we recommend education systems to innovatively use the proposed process model to suit their local contexts in developing their SSE frameworks.

Keywords :Evaluation, Process model, Quality of education, School self-evaluation, School self-evaluation framework.

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