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Title: Experiences of Interviewing Secondary Victims of Frozen Conflicts: Cyprus Case
Yazar(lar) : Hasibe ŞAHOĞLU
Kategori : Beşeri Bilimler
Türü : Telif
Baskı : Cilt/Volume:5 Sayı/Issue:10
Sayfa : 250-265


Anahtar Kelimeler:


This article shares the experiences of interviewing the relatives of the missing persons whom are the secondary victims in the context of the decades long frozen conflict of Cyprus. Issues of identity of the interviewees and the researcher and ethics in interviewing the people living in divided societies will be examined. The Turkish and Greek Cypriots, continue to live with the agony of missing persons. They are anxious to find out the fate of their loved ones, waiting for Committee of Missing Persons to finalize all the cases of the missing persons. The irresolvable situation tends to block families’ cognition, coping and stress management, and freeze the grief processes. Process of interviewing secondary victims still grieving is accompanied with the context specific challenges. In this research beside the challenges of interviewing secondary victims of divided Cyprus, the feelings and thoughts of the interviewees, findings and results of the interviews are shared.

Keywords :Interviews, missing persons, identity, Cyprus, conflict.

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