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Title: The Evaluation of Web Design Education Materials Used in Vocational Education in the Aspect of Graphic Design Education
Kategori : Education
Türü : Empirical
Baskı : Cilt/Volume:2 Sayı/Issue:3
Sayfa : 144-153


Anahtar Kelimeler:


Throughout the history, there are plenty of education materials and methods applied both in our country and in the world. Many of them are evolved and they are still being used. Besides; thanks to the recent electronic and visual technologies, brand new education methods such as: Online and mobile education methods are developed and applied. It is important to realize the necessity and importance of the visual elements of the materials and it create an awareness on education process via reinforcing the efficiency of the learning. Today; in the Turkish Vocational Education sector the applied method is called “Modular Education” which can be defined as half-online carried system. Modular education is an education method in which the lessons can be divided into units and can be supported with online elements. Ministry of National Education official web servers give students and teacher materials, except physical equipments, in online format whereby the students pass through the education process which gain the efficiencies to meet the needs and demands of the institutions and organizations. The modular education systems is applied in Information Technologies as in the other education systems. One of the lessons in these area is; “Web Design and Programming”. In this study, visual elements in the “Web Design and Programming” lesson modules are examined.

Keywords :Vocational education, web design training, web design training materials, graphic design.

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