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Title: The Persecution of Balkan Turks in the Last Period of the Ottoman State and Balkan Wars
Yazar(lar) : Hasan ACAR , Şenol BAYRAM
Kategori : Education
Türü : Original Article
Baskı : Cilt/Volume:6 Sayı/Issue:13
Sayfa : 35 - 48


Anahtar Kelimeler:


Balkan Wars is an important milestone in terms of modern Turkey's process of establishment with the last period of the Ottoman Empire. The centuries-long domination of the Turks in the Balkan geography dates back to the period of Atilla. Ottoman domination, which started in the 14th century in the region, continued until the 20th century, regardless of the distinction between religion and nationality. In addition to those who belong to Christian, Muslim and Jewish religions in the Balkan region, the Ottoman state, with its fair and peaceful policies; has managed different nations such as Turkish, Bosnian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek and Croatian together for centuries in an environment of peace and order. However, in the last period of the Ottoman State, the atmosphere of peace that has been going on for centuries in the Balkans has begun to disappear. This article, by benefiting from the information mentioned above, in the birth of modern Turkey's process of persecution faced by Muslims living in the Balkans and Turkey and is intended to express unfavorable conditions.

Keywords :Political psychology, Balkan Turks, Ethnic conflicts, Religious conflicts, Balkan wars.

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