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Title: Comprehensive Development of Human Capital as an Aspect of Innovative Economies of Future
Yazar(lar) : Ahmet EFE
Kategori : Humanities
Türü : Original Article
Baskı : Cilt/Volume:9 Sayı/Issue:19
Sayfa : 69 – 96


Anahtar Kelimeler:


Rapid technological advances in Management Information Sciences (MIS) and smart mechanization of social and economic development depend on the intellectual capacity of the human capital, which has become the most influential factor in the development of innovative products in this last economic structure based on knowledge. The Global Innovation Index (GII) provides a tool for performance evaluation, assessing innovation capacity, and refining innovation policies necessary for the optimum growth of the economy. The most critical problem of economies with a large young population has turned into a young and educated unemployed population. In this framework, the relationship between education and employment has transformed into different forms, and the key source of wealth has been the qualitative aspect of human capital as an economic factor. We assume that human life is on the services provided by all creatures in orchestration and that the ephemeral lifespan is the ultimate human capital. This study argues that the structure of education and training must align with the community’s futuristic needs considering both cultural and religious orientations in line with the competencies and professional expertise required for innovation that could be used for both the worldly life and the hereafter. This can require a change in the techniques and methods used in education that can train versatile, responsible, capable of reasoning, learning, forward-leaning, and facilitating understanding of the requirements.

Keywords :Innovation, Human Capital, Human Development, Global Innovation Index, HDI.

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